How to Start a Career in Cyber Security and be successful in Nigeria 



As extra sensitive data becomes accessible online and hackers are becoming extra savvy, cyber-attacks become more enormous throughout the globe. These assaults generally take place when cyber criminals with malicious intentions discover flaws in the protection of websites, and acquire information that they should not have access to. And this make cyber security more needed in the society. 

What is Cyber Security? 

Cybersecurity genuinely covers the safety of internet-connected systems like software, hardware, and information from cyber-threats. This exercise is frequently used by people and organizations for the safety of their information towards unauthorized access to information centers and different computerized systems. 

Cybersecurity is a continuously changing field, with the current improvement of applied sciences that open up new avenues for cyberattacks. In addition, even though huge protection breaches are the ones that typically get publicized, small businesses nevertheless have to trouble themselves with issues of protection breaches, as they may frequently be the target of phishing and viruses. 

Why Should You Choose Cyber Security as a Career? 

Cyber safety jobs are very much in excessive demand with the evolution of technology, this does no longer appear to be altering whenever soon. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reviews simply how quickly the records security field, in general, has grown, which is projected to be at a 37 percentage increase fee from the years 2012 to 2022, which is additionally way greater growth rate, in contrast to different industries. 

The Importance of Cyber Security 

Cyber security is additionally a vital phase of our society due to the fact the military, government, financial, corporate, and scientific companies collect, process, and keep massive quantities of records on computer systems and many different devices. An excellent element of that facts can be considered as touchy information, whether or not that be economic data, mental property, private information, or different sorts of facts for which unauthorized publicity or get right of entry to should have terrible consequences. 

Many companies transmit sensitive facts throughout quite a few networks as well as to different gadgets in the path of doing business, and cyber safety duly explains the self-discipline committed to defending all that records cum the structures used to keep or method it. As the sophistication and extent of cyber assaults grow, corporations and companies, in particular those that are tasked with safeguarding the data that relates to health, country wide security, or economic records, want to take incredible steps to defend their touchy personnel and enterprise information. In the early moments of March 2013, some pinnacle brain officers suggested that digital spying and cyber assaults are the top risk to national security thereby eclipsing even terrorism. 

Job Role and Opportunities for a Cyber Security Personnel 

While the accelerated rate of cyber assaults is actually not appropriate information for any of us, there is a silver lining: this appears to be the exceptional time to think about a career path in cyber security. 

Although, Cyber security careers are complicated as many roles can be discovered with retailers, banks, and government organizations. The excellent news is that on the job, you can anticipate to protect an organization’s network and file, create protection plans, set up firewalls, and display activity. If a breach occurs, you will be entirely accountable for figuring out the problem and additionally discovering an answer very quickly. 

Due to the frequency of cyber-attacks, careers are varied and certified specialists are in excessive demand. If you are equipped to get started in this fast-growing career, begin exploring cyber careers now. Below is a good variety of job roles you can anticipate as cyber-security personnel. 

Security Software Developer: Develops safety software, along with equipment for monitoring, visitors’ analysis, intrusion detection, virus/spyware/malware detection, anti-virus software, and so on. Also integrates/implements safety into applications software. 


Security Engineer: Performs protection monitoring, safety and data/logs analysis, and forensic analysis, to discover security incidents, and mounts incident response. Investigates and makes use of new technologies and strategies to enhance security competencies and enforce improvements. 

Security Architect: Designs a security gadget or foremost aspects of a security system, and might also head a security format group constructing a new security system. 

Security Administrator: Installs and manages organization-wide protection systems. May additionally take on some of the duties of a protection analyst in smaller organizations. 

Cryptographer/Cryptologist: Uses encryption to impervious records or to construct safety software. Also works as researcher to increase superior encryption algorithms. 

Security Analyst: analyzes and assesses vulnerabilities in the infrastructure (software, hardware, networks), investigates accessible equipment and countermeasures to remedy the detected vulnerabilities, and recommends solutions and best practices. Analyzes and assesses harm to the data/infrastructure as an end result of security incidents, examines accessible restoration equipment and processes, and recommends solutions. Tests for compliance with security insurance policies and procedures. May help in the creation, implementation, and/or administration of security solutions. 



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